Cash credits

We have teamed up with Zeek to launch our new member credits system. Earn credits when you workout, download an offer or shop with any of our partners. Awesome!

Use your credits to buy shopping vouchers/ gift cards and online codes at below face value available for Sainsbury's, Tesco, John Lewis, Debenhams, iTunes, Starbucks and hundreds more. 

A £50 gift card available at 5% off plus 500 credits would actually cost you £45.00 saving you £5 and if you have hit your goal that month we will top your credits up with an additional 5% of your credit total. 

So how do credits work?

Simple really, when you shop in any of your stores/ Cash Credit partners or redeem a daily offer you will earn 5 credits for every £1 you spend! You will also earn credit top ups for hitting your goals and targets. Each credit is worth 1p and will be paid into your e-wallet.

We have appointed Zeek the online shopping card marketplace, as our shopping card/ voucher partners and we have negotiated extra savings on hundreds of vouchers/ cards already available at below face value.

We will process everything for you but you will need to open a free Zeek account when you first use your credits.

You can also top up your credit balance by buying credits if you dont want to wait to have enough credits to buy the shopping card/ vouchesr you want. Handy for Christmas!


Credits Top up

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