About Activcoins

Activcoins is the digital currency for members of the Active Points Fitness App user programme. You collect coins as you hit your targets and achieve your goals.* Boost your coins balance as you redeem offers from any Activcoins partner. Use your coins to pay for items in our members store including fitness gear and shopping cards for all major supermarkets and high street stores. *Members who connect their gym card can collect coins as they shop with our partners but will need to connect an App to collect activity based coins.

What are Activcoins worth?

Activcoins are worth 1p each and you can use your coins to buy or part pay for any item in the Activcoins store.

Once you collect 500 coins you will receive an Activcoins code worth £5.00.  Simply enter this code in the Activcoins box at checkout in the Activcoins store.

Other codes will be issued to you as follows:

  • 1000 Coins = £10 code
  • 1500 Coins = £15 code
  • 2000 Coins = £20 code
  • 2500 Coins = £25 code
  • 5000 Coins = £50 code
  • 7500 Coins = £75 code
  • 10,000 Coins = £100 code

Collect coins

How do I collect Activcoins?

Collect 5 coins for each day you record a workout or activity session on your connected App(s). Please note that our system filters duplicate data so the same activity recorded on multiple Apps will only be awarded once.

Only one of the below criteria is used depending on the APP that you have connected.

  • 1. Daily Steps                10000 steps
  • 2. Daily Distance           5000 metres        
  • 3. Exercise Duration    1800 seconds

You will also collect 100 coins each time you hit your goals and targets.

Please note Myzone Belt users cannot collect Activcoins.

Shopping partners

Do you shop online? Boost your coins balance by 3-12 coins per £1 simply by shopping online with our major high street brand partners and Amazon. The number of coins you collect per £1 is clearly displayed on each partners link.

Collect coins as you workout and reach your goals. Boost your coins balance by shopping with an Activcoin partner.

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